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Home cooked links

What is this? #

This is a short note of a post so I can keep hold of some cool interesting links to do with something called "Home cooked apps".

The idea of "Home cooked apps" is that they are apps made just for you or a very small group of individuals like family or friends and not intended for mass market consumption.

Because of their small scope they dont need to be perfect or scale to millions of users they just need to work for your individual needs.

As someone who has always struggled with finishing side projects including this site partly due to a level of perfectionism and wanting everything to be perfect I find the idea of "Home cooked apps" somewhat enticing.

These two blog posts the first by Robin Sloan and the second by Blake Watson go into more detail about the idea of "Home cooked apps":

  1. Home cooked app
  2. The joys of home-cooked apps