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KeyboardEvent quirks with MacOS

What happened this time? #

Recently I have been implementing a new system for managing keyboard shortcuts in our web application.

When we were architecting the API for this we decided that for MacOS we would make use of the command key for the access key.

This seemed like a logical choice and was inline with what seemed to be a general convention across MacOS applications however whilst implementing this new system and testing things in different browsers/operating systems we uncovered some amazingly dumb behaviour that occurs in the land of MacOS when using the command key and keyup events.

When the command key is pressed down along with another alphanumeric or symbol key e.g. z it will trigger keydown events for both keys as expected however on releasing the z key no keyup event will fire.

This is because of some weird MacOs specific behaviour that seems to modify the keys when command is pressed down resulting in the keyup event for that key not being fired as it should do, causing problems for anything that relies on keyup events being fired.

The exception to this rule seems to be keys that are treated as access keys e.g. shift, control and alt. Holding down command + any of those keys and then releasing them will cause the correct keyup events for the key presses to trigger.

Thanks Apple for the endless pain and issues. 🙄

tl:dr MacOs sucks, Tim Apple is trolling and keyup events for alphanumeric and symbol keys will not fire whilst command is being pressed.