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This is my first post

In the beginning #

I have had this site and domain for at least 5 years now and in that time its been redesigned at least six or severn times and rebuilt in every sort of javascript and frontend framework available to humankind.

Despite this I have never really posted much, instead its been left to gather dust and serve as more of a project that I can tinker with and try out different frameworks and technologies that I was interested in at the time.

A part of that is never getting into the routine of documenting my rants and thoughts into posts for unfortunate souls on the internet to see but another reason for that was just that often there was too much friction with doing it due too how my site had been built.

Hopefully this newly redesigned and rebuilt version using the static site generator 11ty will provide me with the simple base I need to just ship posts when I feel like it without getting bogged down in x javascript framework of the month everyone is losing their minds over.

Or I will post a handful of times and it will gather dust for another 5 years who knows. 😆

Side note #

One cool thing about this new site is that I finally have nice syntax highlighting for code blocks including diffs. 🥳

 // This is a comment
 function add(a: number, b: number): number {
+  return value = a + b;
-  value = a + b;

 // Test with a line break above this line.